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Greetings Toy Fans, I have neglected this part of the business for too long. Not saying that it is going to get any better but since I am here, there is no reason not to log an entry. My website is sending me e-mails but the content of the email is 3 dashes only. It seems like I have the contact page misconfigured…that’s what you get when you know nothing about it but try to figure it out. I think surgery may be easier. I will publish videos on my December sales for personal purposes. My kid wants to do a vid with me talking about a discontinued game called “Vampire Hunter”. I also have to post the awesome Sofubi toys I picked up at an estate sale as well as the 45 or so VF to mint condition Venom comics. There is more but I will get back to that at another time. Now to attempt to tinker with the configuration of the main page which doesn’t strike me as mobile friendly.


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