Card purchases

There was a time when I was able to get my hands on non-sports cards for resale. I did quite well with some of them. The thrift shop got to know my pickin’ habits. They made me on offer on bundles of Pokémon cards. They were inexpensive enough so I bit but did not take a peek through them (not sure what I was thinking at the time). Unfortunately, they were all common cards with some uncommon and rares sprinkled throughout. The reality is that someone purchased base sets and boosters, cherry picked anything of value and dumped the rest at the thrift shop waiting for a sucker like me to come along. So now I have to bundle them up and sell them off. No ones and twos here, lots of 25, 15, etc. Basically, lot up the same set and sell them off. Good to replace worn cards or building back-up / new decks. Lesson learned…take your time and look through.

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