Countdown to Toy Fair 2020

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Had a fun few weeks. Spent most of it recertifying as an Army Combat Medic. I managed to squeeze in some work here and there. I finally have the “Contact Us” page working properly…finally. I have to resize it and give it some personality but it is functional. I even received my first message. I was so excited until I opened it and it was just spam mail stating that how “Canadian women want to meet me with real phone numbers”. I anticipated a certain amount of spam and other unrequested solicitations. I got a chuckle, hit delete, and moved on.

On the 9th, I took my son to Zolocon. He did his first cosplay stint as Spiderman. It was just an old Halloween costume but he got a kick out of it. He also developed a liking for the Masters of the Universe figures and wants to get a Castle Greyskull set. I picked up some vintage sofubi Godzilla and Gyaos figures and some board games. The board games are from a local company with their third product up on Kickstarter. I purchased 2 of their games and we were talking about adding their lines to my store. More to follow on that one.

Next Saturday, I head out to Toy Fair in NYC. It is one of the largest toy trade shows in the world. I love this because it is complete sensory overload. I am looking forward to checking out the upcoming products and get a portion of the next 2 quarters of buying done. It will also give my some ideas of what to look for at Q4. I will take some pics and do an entry just on Toy Fair.

Have a great week!

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