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Hope that, if you read this, you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. As we enter the crazy shopping season, don’t forget to take some time to relax and have some fun for yourself. I popped into Cabela’s today and ended up not buying anything b/c the line was as bad as a certain theme park in Orlando, Fl. We took it as a sign that we didn’t really need it today and decided to go out have some food and a beer (or two or three) and have some laughs about the last couple days with the family. I just added another YouTube video up highlighting things that sold last week. All were from my eBay store except for one lonely sale from my Amazon Store. Recently picked up some vintage Avalon Hill strategy war games. Nothing rare but still great games. They will be featured on eBay. New items for Tactics 2 Toys, LLC will be added late December. They will be announced on the #T2T Instagram page and Facebook page so stay tuned.

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