Neglecting my blog

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Hello all, I have not paid enough attention to this part of the business. I have focused on the Instagram page, the FB store, ebay, and everything other iron in the fire. I have also started a YouTube channel under the name Tactical Picker. There are 10 videos up and I have another in the works. They are pretty raw as I am just learning how to do videos. Primarily starting the channel with easy stuff like hauls and “what sold”. Surprisingly I have 2 subscribers already.

So whats new…I added several new products including the aliens from They Live, Vic Rattlehead, and Annabelle. They are not the best selection for Christmas but you never know. There is another item arriving sometime late December but that will be displayed after it arrives.

Ok, time to end this entry for a conference call starting in 4 minutes. Cheers!

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