New products arrive!! Beavis and Butthead!!

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I just move when new products arrive and it happens fast sometimes. So far, Mystery House and Good and Bad Ghosts board games have arrived. Still not listed yet. That has to happen soon. My Super7 figures that were stuck arrived. It was Beavis, Butthead, and Beavis’ alter ego The Great Cornholio. Also from Super7 is the new King Diamond variant. The Lord of 80s Black Metal sports a top hat in this variation. I also received, on a Sunday no less, my complete order from Wild Hair Creations. I ordered their Party Animals and Trump figure. Since it is an election year, they are going to be very popular items. The remainder of my orders are either pre-book b/c they are nor released yet, or they are back ordered. No biggie, it happens. No sense is stressing over things you cannot control. Well, that is about enough of me prattling on. I have to pack a couple items for shipping and hit the rack…0430 rolls around really fast. Cheers!

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      I am glad that you found it as well.

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