Cthulhu Wild Hair Creations


Cthulhu Wild Hair Creations


Wildhair Creatures of Legends and Lore: Cthulhu

Wildhair Creatures of Legends and Lore: CTHULHU


  • The Great Old One (Cosmic Deity)
  • HEIGHT:  Hundreds of Meters Tall
  • RANGE:  Imprisoned in the Sunken City of R`lyeh Deep Beneath the South Pacific
  • FIRST ACCOUNT:  Call of Cthulhu Short Story by H.P. Lovecraft (from Weird Tales – June 1926)
  • THREAT TO HUMANS:  Sleeping Cthulhu Emanates Constant Anxiety for All Mankind; Awakened Cthulhu is Very Bad News


Be very quiet – especially if you’re anywhere near the South Pacific. You don’t want to disturb the all-powerful being hibernating deep below the surface of the ocean known as Cthulhu. He is a malevolent and massively imposing character who measures hundreds of meters tall when upright. This slumbering, subterranean, winged creature’s most unique physical feature is his tentacled octopus-like face. Simply looking at Cthulhu has been known to drive one insane.

The dreaded Cthulhu rests in a death-like slumber entombed deep beneath the ocean within the nightmare city R`lyeh. Even as this monstrous entity sleeps, his presence shakes the subconscious minds of the world’s population with apprehensive anxiety and angst. A dominant force amongst the pantheon of Great Old Ones, Cthulhu has unknown throngs of cult worshippers who celebrate his eventual rise and supreme reign. Jump in…the water is fine…


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