Jack Kirby’s Silver Star Comic Issue #1


Jack Kirby’s Silver Star Comic Issue #1 Odds Against, Part 1: The Job

Topps presents new adventures of Silver Star, one of the last heroes created by Jack Kirby.

Government agent Morgan Miller, transformed into a mutant by his scientist father, must battle other super-powered beings as Silver Star. But the odds are stacked against him by 1000-to-one.

Story: Kurt Busiek

Art and Cover: James W. Fry III and Terry Austin

Polybagged with a trading card

Part of a planned Kirbyverse line that Topps had negotiated with the Kirby estate, but only this issue ever saw print. Intended as a four-issue miniseries, but this was the only issue; followed by Kirby Genesis Silver Star (2011 Dynamite) #1

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