Legends of Lucha Libre Blue Demon Jr. Action Figure


Legends of Lucha Libre ReAction Figure – Blue Demon Jr.

Quien es tu campeon?! Mexican wrestling dates back to the 1800’s and Luchadores are some of the most recognizable sports folk heroes in the world. 

Son of the legendary Blue Demon, Blue Demon Jr. made his lucha libre debut in 1985.  He has had more than a dozen championship reigns over his career which has seen him wrestle for every major company in Mexico.  In the United States, Blue Demon Jr. would become the first ever masked Mexican wrestler to win NWA Worlds Title, the same championship held by stars like Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Sting.  Demon has also defended his mask in more than 20 Mask vs. Mask or Mask vs. Hair apuestas matches – and his mask remains one of the most sought after prizes in all of lucha libre.

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