Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine #125 Flip Book (Apr 1993)


Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine #125 Flip Book (Apr 1993)

Passion Play Part 3: On a Wing and a Prayer starring Wolverine and Lynx, script by Scott Lobdell, pencils by Dennis Jensen, inks by Jon Holdredge.

Adrenazon’s Revenge Part 3: It’s Not Easy Being Green starring She-Hulk, script by Kelly Corvese, pencils by Dave Hoover, inks by Robert Campanella.

The Walking Wounded Part 3: Innocent Blood starring Ghost Rider and Typhoid Mary, script by Ann Nocenti, pencils by Steve Lightle, inks by Ken Branch and Chris Ivy.

The Book of Changes Part 1: Under Lock and Key starring Iron Fist, script by Joey Cavalieri, pencils by Dave Hoover, inks by Jeff Albrecht.

Cover art by James Fry and Hector Collazo.

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