Superboy Comic #125, DC


Superboy #125

Cover art by Curt Swan and inks by George Klein.

The Bald Boy of Steel!

  • Artist: George Papp
  • Writer: Otto Binder

Krypto’s Super-Movie Stunts!

  • Synopsis: Krypto loses his collar and is adopted by movie producer Dan Diamond to be the stunt dog for Jowls.
  • Artist: Al Plastino
  • Writer: Otto Binder

The Sacrifice of Kid Psycho!

  • Synposis: Kid Psycho comes from the Legion’s time and impresses Superboy, who returns with him to the 30th century for reconsideration of Kid Psycho’s petition for membership
  • Artist: George Papp
  • Writer: Otto Binder

Notables in this issue:

  • Builders of the Future! public service announcement; Shows the importance of UNESCO funding in building schools in Africa.
  • Cap’s Hobby Center activity half-page by Henry Boltinoff.
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle star in a one-page Cheerios ad.
Comic is boarded and bagged.  It ships in a rigid photo mailer

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