Trollords Faces of Death Comic Art Poster, 1994


Trollords Faces of Death Comic Art Poster, 1994


Faces of Death Poster (19″x24.5″)

Created for the Trollords comics in 1994.  Some of the greatest names in animation and comics have their works interpreting Death on this poster.

Represented here are artwork from :

Scoot McCloud, Mark Martin, Rob Burden, Willie Schuber, Mark Texiera, W.C. Carani, Ken Holewczynski, Terry Gilliam, Kyle Baker, Michael Golden, Stephen DeStefano, Mike Parobek, Steven R. Bissette, Paul Chadwick, Mark A. Nelson, Mike Bannon, Jim Engel, Alex Ross, Matt Feazell, Rob Bogacki, Terry Beatty, James O’Barr, Bill Reinhold, Don Simpson, Mitch O’Connell, P. Craig Russell, Peter Krause, Evan Dorkin, Lenin Delsol, Dan Jurgens, Chuck Fiala, Lisa Beaderstadt, Howard Chaykin, Adam Hughes, Larry Marder, Sergio Aragones, Steve Rude, Martin Wagner, Rich Veich, Ray Murtaugh, Linda Galek, Cully Hamner, Guy Davis, James Owen, Hilary Barta, Jill Thompson, Mike Mignola, Tim Bradstreet, Wil Eisner, Guy Burwell, Mark A. Nelson, Berkeley Breathed, Alex Toth, Angel Medina, Dave Sim, Mike Alfred, John Byrne, Joe Quesada, Mark Hempel, Kurt Anderson, Paul Pope, William Messner-Loebs, Chaz Truong, Eddie Campbell, Gordon Purcell, Jim Woodring, Larry Welz, Terry Austin, Brian Thomas, Neil Gaiman, Alex Ross, Terry Laban, Chuck Eckler, Jim Palmiotti, Scott Beardstadt, and Paul Fricke

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