Strange times we live in

Hello again. The nation is on lock down of sorts. Local businesses are closed if they are non-essential. I haven’t been out pickin’ in a few weeks which is a bit of a bummer. Luckily I have a bunch of unlisted stuff and the wholesale products are still available. Recently added: Agnostic Front Eliminator figures which was a resupply. My first order sold out in a few days. New games were added from Asmodee. Mystery House is an interesting one and you need an app to play. It only has 2 game variations on the app right now but the intent is additional expansion via the app. Also added was Good & Bad Ghosts. Fun strategy game with ghosts. Also added are the globes from Replogle Globes. I started small with few models recommended by my rep. She indicated that these were their more popular models. I have to get one for my kid.

So sales have slowed but they are still trickling in. I anticipated this because I don’t sell necessities and lets face it, many are worried about money or their job as the nation shuts down, purchasing games or action figures probably is not a priority.

Well, time to turn it. Be safe, stay healthy, and Cheers!

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