Toy Fair 2020 Aftermath

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SO on the 22nd I went to the premier toy trade show…Toy Fair NYC. I only had 1 day there and it was just as I remembered. It was total sensory overload. I got there a couple hours before it opened in order to park and get my pass before it gets mobbed. According my cell phone, I took over 16000 steps. I hit up my vendors and made some new contacts. I ended up making some purchases as the Toy Fair 2020 special deals were good.

I first stopped at Wild Hair Creations. I carry their Creatures of Legends and Lore line. They are such fun items. I decided to go with their political line. They will be listed once they are shipped.

Next stop was Replogle Globes. Yeah, not a toy, I know, but I always loved globes. I had one as a kid. We are working an arrangement to add their products to the site. We are going to start with 10 or so of their hottest sellers and one or 2 really expensive ones. This will take a little longer to do but it will happen and they have a dedicated category up on the site.

On to Super7. They are my favorite action figure company. I orders Beavis and Butthead figures and they should arrive this weekend. The new King Diamond, Andre the Giant, resupply on the original King Diamond and Ghost and a bunch of other pre orders.

Turning back, I had to check out a company called Hunt A Killer. They had this great display with a big bar (no drinks though). They had 1 product called Death at the Dive Bar that drew me in. They walked me through it and I was sold. I am their first online shop so they need to take stock photos and do a description.

Stopped at Asmodee and my rep was there. We chatted for a bit and he walked me through what was hot and what was upcoming. I ordered several different games in single case quantities. One is a game called The Shining. It is based on the book and was approved by Steven king himself. I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I stopped at many other booths, shook hands, talked about products, and had an awesome time. I hope I picked some hits!! Well, time to call it a day.


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